Father's Day Gift Guide

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Got a Millennial Dad in your life? Here's a gift guide to help you out with Father's Day this year! Also, just a friendly reminder, NEXT SUNDAY IS FATHER'S DAY. You're welcome.



  1. TRUTH. You're welcome. Lol. (etsy)
  2. This is a nice gift that looks beautiful and can carry a beautiful sentiment. Get the night sky from the night your child was born. (etsy)
  3. Mr. LL does almost all of the cooking in our house, so getting a Home Chef box might be a nice change of pace (and perhaps a little easier on me since I do all the grocery shopping). (Home ChefBONUS: Enjoy 3 Free Meals with Home Chef! Click here!)
  4. How about a new book to read? Maybe Robin by Dave Itzkoff: "From New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff, the definitive biography of Robin Williams – a compelling portrait of one of America’s most beloved and misunderstood entertainers." (Target)
  5. My husband loves him a good loafer, so I know these will always be a hit with him. (DSWBONUS: Up to 50% off Men's Clearance. Click here.)
  6. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is that Mr. LL leaves his headsets (SETS, YES PLURAL) on my computer desk! Well, now he can use this really cool stand and keep his sh** on his desk. I mean, "Love you! Happy Father's Day!" (etsy)

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Wood

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Today is mine and Mr. LL's 5th wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that it's only been five years, but it's also hard to believe that five years have gone by since that day! Traditionally, the 5th wedding anniversary gift is made of wood, so here are some ideas if you are celebrating the big 5 like me!


Wood Gifts for your 5th Anniversary (all from etsy):

  1. Kraken Real Wood phone case – Keyway Designs
  2. Personalized cutting board – Circle City Design Co.
  3. Original work of art – Dusty Square Designs
  4. Handmade whiskey dispenser (because sometimes, being married is tough) – Don Pettine (in Poland, just FYI)
  5. Personalized photo on wood – Family Foto Fun
  6. Remember special dates (literally) with this gift – Wood & Paper Printz

Gifts for him

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It's Mr. LL's birthday this Friday and I thought I'd do a little gift guide with him in mind. If you have a nerdy, artsy, gamer, handy-man in your life, then here are some ideas what to get him.



  1. We just watched The Last Jedi a few weeks ago (having a baby makes it hard to catch movies in the theaters). I think my Imperial love would like this Funko POP. (Target)
  2. Also, we've started to watch a few of those drone tricks, VR, POV videos and I think Mr. LL would be into giving it a shot. So this Racing Drone set is on the list. (Target)
  3. Mr. LL loves him a good snapback, and it's about time for a new one. I think this Merci Bien snapback is cool, so maybe he will too? (Studio Ceizer)
  4. Even though Mr. LL plays Imperial in all the video games (SWG-what what?!), I know there's a place in his heart for Solo. So, why not get him a Saint Han Solo prayer candle? (Etsy)
  5. We like to collect unique taxidermy (no deer heads for us, thanks) and have long since established that a snake skeleton is next on our list of pieces to acquire. (Etsy)