I love you most


Happy Birthday, my wonderful husband.

You have shared the best moments of my life, and have been part of the reason they are the best. Or sometimes, the sole reason. ;) You are funny, kind, loving, generous, at-times patient, and you understand me and I understand you. Our marriage has not always been easy, but I think the rough times make us better appreciate what we have and the fact that we've worked for this life together.


I love watching you with our daughter, and it makes my heart smile to hear her laughing when she is with you. I also secretly love that she gives me all the hugs and kisses when you ask for them, lol.


I am so happy that you are in my life and I never want to live a day without you.

I love you.


Happy Birthday.

Lazy Baby: Turning 1! The Theme.

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Lazy Baby's first birthday is at the end of the month, so I'm in deep planning mode. I figured I'd share as I go. First up: THE THEME.



I totally stole this idea from Pinterest, but I never claimed it as my own to begin with. Mornings are a good time for LB. She's at her least fussiest, most days. So this breakfast theme works out great and it's easy on me in terms of food.

  1. SPRINKLES TABLECLOTH: I like this table cloth more than the donut ones that are out there. I feel like it will help keep the decor from being too donut-y. If that's a thing. (Target)
  2. GOODIE BAGS: I'm going to be making my own, the they'll have the "Thanks a HOLE bunch" sentiment on them, and filled with donut holes. (Etsy)
  3. PARTY HAT: I love this cute tiny party hat for the birthday girl. (Etsy)
  4. PARTY PLATES: I like these donut plates for the party. They are cute and simple. I might supplement with a few solid colored plates. The rest of the party ware (napkins, cups, etc.) is going to be solid. (Target)
  5. PARTY OUTFIT: I've already ordered and received a party outfit for LB, but this was my other choice. I just went with MORE donuts, lol. (Etsy)
  6. CAKE (DONUT) TOPPER: LB is going to have a smash-donut instead of a cake. I love this little topper. It's where I got the idea for the theme! (Etsy)

Gifts for him

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It's Mr. LL's birthday this Friday and I thought I'd do a little gift guide with him in mind. If you have a nerdy, artsy, gamer, handy-man in your life, then here are some ideas what to get him.



  1. We just watched The Last Jedi a few weeks ago (having a baby makes it hard to catch movies in the theaters). I think my Imperial love would like this Funko POP. (Target)
  2. Also, we've started to watch a few of those drone tricks, VR, POV videos and I think Mr. LL would be into giving it a shot. So this Racing Drone set is on the list. (Target)
  3. Mr. LL loves him a good snapback, and it's about time for a new one. I think this Merci Bien snapback is cool, so maybe he will too? (Studio Ceizer)
  4. Even though Mr. LL plays Imperial in all the video games (SWG-what what?!), I know there's a place in his heart for Solo. So, why not get him a Saint Han Solo prayer candle? (Etsy)
  5. We like to collect unique taxidermy (no deer heads for us, thanks) and have long since established that a snake skeleton is next on our list of pieces to acquire. (Etsy)