Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for The Traveler

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Do you know someone who is always off on their next adventure? Or maybe someone who just loves a good road trip? Here are some gift ideas for the wanderers in your life.

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Pregnancy update




It is still so weird to me to think "I'm pregnant." I'm not showing a whole lot, but I can tell that is about to change (hello tight pants! D:). I've not had a whole lot of first trimester symptoms and now that I'm into the second trimester I know I lucked out of having those dreaded symptoms. I'm not quite to the point where I can feel the little blob in my belly yet. So, yeah, sometimes I feel like I tell people I'm pregnant just to remind myself.

Last week, Mr. LL came to his first ultrasound, so at least now someone else has seen the wiggly blob. It was very magical to see his face light up the first time he saw the baby and the first time she moved around and the first time he heard her heartbeat. Oh yeah, we also found out that we are having a baby girl! I'm so excited about this but I was even more excited to hear that she looks great, healthy and right on track with where she needs to be in development.

Now that we know she is a little girl, I've felt comfortable starting to share my baby registry with people. I honestly didn't change any of it to reflect her sex, I still want a pretty gender neutral set up, so it's not like I was waiting for that appointment. But I know that a lot of people were waiting for that announcement before they went shopping. I didn't put baby clothes on the registry because I know people will probably get those for me anyway, regardless of what I put on there. Well, I did put two baby clothes items on there, this and this. I mean, they were just too cute for me to pass up. However, Mr. LL and I both agree that we are not counting on anyone giving us anything. His father has said he wants to buy us a crib and my mother has claimed the car seat, but even still, we are not banking on the generosity of others. While I trust the sincerity of the off of these gifts, life happens and peoples circumstances change. Mr. LL and I both come from modest families and have had to work very hard for what we have. We've had some help here and there, and we've been super grateful for it, but we don't expect anyone to just give us anything. We will, of course, wait until after all the baby showers are done, but once they are all over with, we are preparing ourselves to purchase anything we still need after that point. Especially the bigger ticket items. 

I guess that's really all for right now. 

Checking In

I don't know what's going on with me, but I'm slacking! Things are getting better, but I had a slow start to doing my daily tasks this week. Today was the first day I made the bed since I changed the sheets on Sunday. Actually, I just pulled the comforter up, but it's better than nothing! Man, I did not want to write this post, but that's the point of the mid-week check ins, to hold myself accountable.