5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Wood

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Today is mine and Mr. LL's 5th wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that it's only been five years, but it's also hard to believe that five years have gone by since that day! Traditionally, the 5th wedding anniversary gift is made of wood, so here are some ideas if you are celebrating the big 5 like me!


Wood Gifts for your 5th Anniversary (all from etsy):

  1. Kraken Real Wood phone case – Keyway Designs
  2. Personalized cutting board – Circle City Design Co.
  3. Original work of art – Dusty Square Designs
  4. Handmade whiskey dispenser (because sometimes, being married is tough) – Don Pettine (in Poland, just FYI)
  5. Personalized photo on wood – Family Foto Fun
  6. Remember special dates (literally) with this gift – Wood & Paper Printz

What to get the Mom who has it all

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If the mom in your life causes you to scratch your head every time a holiday comes around - especially Mother’s Day - we’re here to help. What do you get the woman who has it all? Along with Thoughtfully, we’ve compiled three unique gifts that will surprise even toughest of moms to shop for. 

Scentbird Subscription

With over 200 scents to choose from for women, Scentbird is a fun way for mom to discover her new favorite fragrance. For just $14.95/month, she receives a 30-day supply of the designer fragrance of her choice in a travel-friendly spray to pop in her purse. 

Cheers to Art

If mom loves her local paint night, this Cheers to Art gift set is sure to delight. It brings the fun of popular paint night events into her living room. With a paint-by-numbers canvas and all the necessary art tools, all that’s left is a bottle of wine and her closest girlfriends. 

Mom's Survival Kit

Finally: a survival kit for all the tired moms out there! This fun kit comes complete with the most important mom-gadgets she needs at her disposal: an eye mask and ear buds for her much-needed afternoon nap, a thermos for coffee (or another adult beverage), a fanny pack, and more. This tongue-in-cheek gift is sure to bring laughs this Mother’s Day. 

Gifts for…Your Co-Workers

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Getting gifts for your co-workers can be a bit much on one's bank account, if you aren't careful. I have about 12 people I will, without a doubt, give a gift in my office this year, and I like to find nice gifts that they will love and won't kill me financially.


Gifts for The Office:

  1. Rudolph MixEdibles are always a big hit, in my experience. Just be careful about food allergies.
  2. Cactus Ornament: Something quirky and festive that will be memorable. Check, check and check!
  3. PopSocketWork with people who love their smart phones? These are a great gift for the ones who never put down their devices.
  4. A super nice candle that comes in a fancy-ass box: This one is more of a boss/manager gift, IMO, but is still a useful yet tasteful gift.
  5. Chocolate...or any other candy: Just as long as the packaging is "fancy" or unique or seasonal, it will feel special. Plus, see #1 about edibles.