Summer break

I'm going to be taking some time off the blog for July. Things are getting a bit hectic in my world and I need to be able to focus my attentions there. I'm not going to put a return date on here, because I may be able to come back after a week or I might take the entire month off. I'm just not sure yet and I don't want to make any promise I can't keep.

I hope you all are having a fun and safe summer, so far, and I look forward to catching up with you when I return!


Picture-perfect patriotic outfits for kids

This is an affiliate sponsor post.

Whether your family plans to spend the 4th of July on the beach or at a backyard BBQ, make sure your kids have the right threads to celebrate. Stock up on patriotic summer apparel so your kiddos can look red, white, and cute this 4th of July. 

Here are a few finds for picture-perfect patriotic outfits. 


Personalized Baseball Flag Tee

This classic American flag baseball tee is guaranteed to become your kiddo's most-worn shirt this summer. Perfect for 4th of July celebrations and other fun summer adventures, your child is sure to love this tee for its lived-in feel. Personalize with your little one's name to make it even more memorable.


Girls Red Gingham Sundress

This red gingham sundress is equal parts patriotic and pretty. Lightweight and comfy, this classic summer print is as American as apple pie. As if the dress weren’t cute enough as is, the adjustable shoulder bowties make it even cuter.


Sunblock Swimmy Sun Hat 

Stars, stripes, and swimming is the perfect way to spend the 4th. This waterproof hat gives your little swimmer the sun protection they need for a long day at the beach. The handy ties ensure this hat won’t budge from sand castles to sunset. 

Culture Creature: Gudetama, Ali Wong, West World and more


Here's some things I've been obsessing over/enjoying lately:

  • Have you seen this Gudetama game?! I'm obsessed with it and shake my head at how much time I waste tapping an illustrated egg on my phone screen. You should play it! Leave your ID number in the comments and I'll friend you!
  • I started listening to The Daily Zeitgeist upon a recommendation from a friend. It's a thoughtful and entertaining way to stay up to date on the news.
  • Stilling trying to catch up on West World and avoiding any spoilers!
  • I finished Terah Edun's Blades of Magic and I am already starting the next one in the series. I recommend it if you like strong female protagonists, magic and action.
  • I loled so hard at Ali Wong's latest stand-up special on Netflix, Baby CobraAll you mom's out there will love it, too.
  • And finally, I'm obsessed with this painting (to the left), "Mother and Child" by Xi Pan and wish I could find a way to buy a print from the artist.