Gifts for…Your Co-Workers

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Getting gifts for your co-workers can be a bit much on one's bank account, if you aren't careful. I have about 12 people I will, without a doubt, give a gift in my office this year, and I like to find nice gifts that they will love and won't kill me financially.


Gifts for The Office:

  1. Rudolph MixEdibles are always a big hit, in my experience. Just be careful about food allergies.
  2. Cactus Ornament: Something quirky and festive that will be memorable. Check, check and check!
  3. PopSocketWork with people who love their smart phones? These are a great gift for the ones who never put down their devices.
  4. A super nice candle that comes in a fancy-ass box: This one is more of a boss/manager gift, IMO, but is still a useful yet tasteful gift.
  5. Chocolate...or any other candy: Just as long as the packaging is "fancy" or unique or seasonal, it will feel special. Plus, see #1 about edibles.