Father's Day Gift Guide /// 2016

I have so many friends who are having babies these days, I guess I'm just at that age, so I made a Father's Day gift guide with "my generation" dads in mind!

  1. I love this backpack of holding and think it would make an awesome gift. (ThinkGeek)
  2. Know a dad who shaves? This cute kit would be a fun and useful gift. (ModCloth)
  3. This card may not be the most traditional sentiment for a Father's Day, but come one...it's probably true. (etsy - LionheartPrints)
  4. It's been out for years, but this book is a great Father's Day gift. (ModCloth)
  5. Got a tech dad? Why not give him a circuit board tie? (ThinkGeek)
  6. I love love love these daddy+kid t-shirts! (etsy - ThePaintedTee)