Lazy Baby: Summer Time!

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Summer is here and so I put together some baby must-haves for some fun in the sun.

  1. Sunglasses: Lazy Baby has a pair and it is the cutest thing in the world to see a toddler with sunglasses on. (Target)
  2. Sunscreen: A requirement for sunny days...and overcast days, too. I speak from personal experience, you can get a sunburn on a cloudy day. Just FYI. (Target)
  3.  Sun hat: MORE SUN PROTECTION! Plus, it's a cute hat. (Old Navy)
  4. Terry swim cover: If you go swimming, this is like a towel your baby can wear. Plus, MORE SUN PROTECTION! (Old Navy)
  5. "Boy's" swimsuit: I love the surfing dinosaurs! (Old Navy)
  6. "Girl's" swimsuit: Fun, tropical vibes. (Old Navy)

Mother's Day Gift Guide

***This post contains affiliate links.***

This is my first year as a mother so I put together a gift guide of things I would love to get as gifts. Seemed only fair. ;)

Mother's Day Gift Guide

  1. Maybe it's because I'm breastfeeding, but I'm always hungry these days. I would would love someone to give me a box of Mrs. Field's Cookies...or any food for that matter.
  2. Skip the floral bouquet and give mom a floral blazer to let her know you think she's boss.
  3. While pregnant, my poor feet became very neglected. An at-home pedi spa is just what I need.
  4. I really have to be sure and stay hydrated these days, so this water bottle would be an awesome gift.
  5. And finally, to pass the time while I'm maternity leave, I could go for a new (to me) 3DS game. Zelda for the 3DS perhaps?

I think subscription services make fun gifts. Why not give mom one of these:

Valentine's Day Gift Guide with Target

I'm super excited to be working with my new affiliate sponsor, Target! Just like every basic white girl, I too love Target. To share my love I thought it was perfect to share with you some Valentine gift ideas that you can find, get and/or put together at Target! Here we go (oh and in case it isn't obvious, all the links this post are affiliate links):

  1. Bake your honey some sweet treats with this adorable heart cupcake pan.
  2. Fall in love with these mini love pillows (each sold separately, btw).
  3. Young and old (nerds like me, anyway) can appreciate some Pokémon Valentine's (plus, they come with tattoos!).
  4. Let your kitties know you love them with these too cute 2-pack of Valentine mice.
  5. And for the dogs in your life, how about a multi-squeak love note?
  6. Get lit with this YOU + ME marquee sign.
  7. I CANNOT WAIT to make a Valentine Box with Lazy Baby in the future!
  8. This cactus plush is the cutest way to let someone know that you "pick" them. lolz