Goal Getter /// June 2016

JUNE 2016

FAMILY (50%)

  • Spend time with Mr. LL's Family (0%)
  • Spend time with my family (100%)

NOTES: We haven't had a chance to hang out with Mr. LL's family yet this month, but I know it will happen.


  • Book club (0%)
  • D&D with friends (0%)


HEALTH (15%)

  • Meal plan every week (25%)
  • Stick to said meal plan every week (20%)
  • Try to work out at least TWICE this month (0%)

NOTES: So, it's freakin' hot in NOLA right now. We deviated from the meal plan a couple of nights because it was just too hot to turn on the oven/stand over the hot stove. I'll be adjusting our meal plans for future weeks to try to avoid meals that need a lot of heat.

 FINANCIAL (49.5%)

  • Pay off at least one credit card (100%)
  • Get to Mr. LL's financial goal (98%)
  • Maintain Mr. LL's goal (0%)
  • Maintain my personal "minimum" balance in my account (0%)

NOTES: I added some new goals because we completed one and are "thisclose" to completing the other one!


  • Keep going with the "chores" (15%)
  • Create a cleaning challenge for myself (100%)
  • Complete the cleaning challenge (25%)

NOTES: Ugh, it's just so hot! Bleah. But week one of the challenge was a success!


  • Get posts ready for the month (66%)
  • Write at least one post A WEEK for LV Book Design (75%)
  • Work on more planner printables (0%)
  • Work on new designs for shop in July (0%)
  • Finish From Side Hustle to Success course (80%)
  • Finish RAVE course (0%)
  • Finish with current client (95%)
  • Find new freelance clients (15%)

NOTES: I really need to get of this funk!