Photo Post: Baby's first Christmas

It's been crazy non-stop since Christmas and I'm just starting to catch my breath. Starting to – but not caught up yet.

Anyway, I thought I do a little photo post with some pics from Lazy Baby's first Christmas while I try to get things together on this end. 

Merry Everything!


Hope you all are having a great holiday season! I'm taking time off from the blog to be with the fam and do some work! I'll see you in 2018!

Gifts for Baby: Stockings + Stocking Stuffers

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Stocking + Stuffers: 

  1. Simple, classic stocking: Ok, so, my stocking is Krampus themed and Mr. LL's is tattoo themed, but I've been debating on switching over to traditional, matching stockings now that Lazy Baby is with us. I like the look of this one. (affiliate)
  2. JOY stocking holders: The perfect number of hooks for my little family of three! We don't have a mantel, but if we did... (affiliate)
  3. Coffee Cup Teether: Even though I rarely by coffee from a coffee shop, I still think this teether is flippin' cute. (affiliate)
  4. Baby's First Christmas ornamentMr. LL and I give each other unique ornaments every year, and I think this is a darling one to carry on the tradition for Lazy Baby. (affiliate)
  5. Stylish bibs: We just need more bibs, tbh. Lol. (affiliate)