Gifts for…Her

This post contains affiliate links.

A.K.A.: Gifts for me. These items are all something I would be very happy to receive Christmas day and I hope you'll find something to put on your wishlist, too.


Gifts for Her:

  1. "Sorry Not Sorry" mugI think women apologize too much, myself included, and this is a good reminder to stop apologizing for things you have no reason to be sorry for! Plus, I'm a major grump when I first wake-up, and Mr. LL knows this, so if he wants to test me first thing, I can just give him the stink eye over the brim of this mug as I slow-sip.
  2. Where's Warhol? A grown-up Where's Waldo? that any art major (former or current) is sure to enjoy.
  3. (Faux) fur lined slippers. I am SUPER picky about my slippers. I can't wear just any pair, the fabric has to be just right. These are perfect. I want them. These are legit on my wishlist.
  4. Zodiac constellation necklaces. I love how dainty and beautiful these zodiac constellation necklaces are and I would be over the moon to find one in my stocking come Christmas morning.
  5. Gold boots.  These are perfect for not only the holiday season, but FOR. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.