Culture Creature - Stranger Things, Pumpkin Carving, A Pocketful of Crows, Pumpkin Brownies and Sweater Weather!

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So, the title really says it all, but here a some things that I'm looking forward to experiencing as October comes to an end.



  1. Stranger Things, Season 2. Did you see that there's an actual countdown on Netflix? I love it! I cannot wait to put LB to bed and binge this with Mr. LL, a bowl of popcorn, Halloween candy and some mom juice (a.k.a. wine).

  2. Pumpkin Carving! Mr. LL and I have carved pumpkins together almost every year since our first date. We started dating in October and I still remember carving pumpkins with him in those early days listening to Prince's "Purple Rain" and Lionel Richie's "Hello" on repeat.
  3. A Pocketful of Crows by Joanne M. Harris; this book is on a lot of lists for anticipated and best books coming out this month. It came out last week and I'm going to be checking out as soon as I can get my hands on it.
  4. Sweater Weather. I live in New Orleans, so it never really gets that cold here, and thanks to global warming, it never will. However, we get chilly days now and again and I've been eyeing up this sweater to add to my sadly underused collection.
  5. Baking some pumpkin brownies! I'll post the recipe review next week!

What are you looking forward to this Halloween season?

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