Trick or Treat 2015! /// Week 2

This week's Trick or Treat is full of sugar, sugar and more sugar! I had to brush my teeth twice after we tried out all of these treats, but this was, surprisingly, a good batch of seasonal/Halloween candies!

First up, we tried out the Caramel Apple filled Twizzlers. Mr. LL didn't realize they were filled until we got home, and his heart seemed to break a little. He is not a fan of the filled Twizzlers. I'm not a huge fan of Twizzlers in general, however, these were delicious. We both really enjoyed them. Even Bigby enjoyed them, as Mr. LL would squeeze out some of the caramel filling and stick to the top of the little guy's mouth.

Again, another seasonal treat that neither of us are huge fans of, but these specialty flavors were really good! I especially liked the Caramel Apple Peeps and Mr. LL seemed to enjoy the Chocolate Mousse cats the most. So, even if you are not a Peeps fan, like Mr. LL and myself, I recommend giving these flavors a try.

Ok, so as we only got the one lollipop, I was the only one to really try it. I say it's both a Trick AND a Treat. It's a trick because 1 – the fun, colorful face art is a sticker on the inner packaging and 2 – I, for some reason, thought it was white isn't. But it is a treat because the plain skull under all that packaging still looks pretty cool and the simple, vanilla sugar flavor is good. Still wish it was white chocolate though.