Trick or Treat /// Week 3! Final Round

This is the final post for this year's Trick or Treat series! This has been a blast! If there was anything I didn't get around to reviewing this year, leave a comment and I'll add it to next year's list!

Mr. LL and I took a trip to our local World Market and created our own six pack of seasonal beers! We also paired our beer taste testing with some seasonal sweet potato chips! Keep reading to find out what we thought about all these boozy treats!

As we started this journey with this New Belgium seasonal Pumpkin beer, we were reminded that neither of us really like beer. This makes us not the greatest judges for these beverages, but we were fair with our assessments. This beer smells really good and it mostly tastes like various pumpkin spices as opposed to actual pumpkin. It's not bad and I wouldn't try to dissuade anyone from giving it a try.

Woodchuck! I love Woodchuck's hard ciders, so I was really excited to try this seasonal pumpkin flavor. This was almost a trick for Mr. LL because it is sweet. I mean really sweet. But of all the "pumpkin" beers we tried, this one actually tasted like real pumpkin. I really enjoyed this seasonal treat.

First, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this beer. It is a perfectly acceptable amber ale (if not a little too bitter for my taste). The reason we marked this as a "trick" is because we were fooled by the packaging and the placement in the store into thinking this was a seasonal beer. It isn't. Shame on us.

I'm going to be honest, I don't remember a whole lot about this beer. I didn't take any notes like the others (maybe because it was the last beer we tasted and by then I was a tad bit tipsy). However, I do know that it is sitting in our fridge, open, and barely touched. Must not have been too good if we both refused to take more than a sip from it.

The highlight of the entire 2015 Trick or Treat series, for both me and Mr. LL, were these AMAZING sweet potato chips! And let me say, I do not like sweet potato anything, but I loved these chips!! They weren't too sweet, had a great texture and are totally addicting. We found these at Target, but they may be in other stores.

That's it for this year's Trick or Treats!! I hope you've enjoyed this series and happy haunting!