New Parent Must Haves

*This post contains affiliate links.

We are in our third month of new-parenthood, and I thought I'd team up with Target (affiliate) to share with you my favorite baby products that we could not live with out. These items are total life savers.

  1. The number one thing I want to recommend every new parent get is a swing. We have this Graco swing, and this thing is the best. Lazy Baby can be put in it, the music turned on and the swing a-swaying and it gives us a break from constantly holding her. She's almost outgrown it now, and I may cry the day comes that we have to put it away.
  2. I never could get the hang of swaddling, and the velcro swaddles didn't work – Lazy Baby got out of every single one. When we tried these zip up swaddles, life become so much easier. I just wish they made these even bigger, but I guess babies don't want to be swaddled for forever.
  3. We use all the bottles we have, but I really do think these helped with gas in the earlier days. Added bonus, they are the least messy bottles when we're feeding the baby (one down side is all the extra parts you have to wash).
  4. Once LB became a bit more aware of her surroundings, she started to love to play with this play mat. Added bonus: you can walk into the next room and know she's still alive by the sounds of the piano as she kicks it!
  5. Once you get diapers from all you baby showers...get more. We like Pampers because we found we had less "accidents" with them and I really like their rewards program.
  6. Muslin swaddle blankets. I may not be able to swaddle well, but these are big enough that even my big baby was able to be soothed, momentarily anyway. Now she just uses them as regular blankets because it is too hot here in New Orleans for "real" blankets most of the time. PLUS these are so cute!

She's growing so fast that a lot of these things are becoming parts of her past, but I still think any new mom/dad could benefit from having these tools helping them out in the early days. Best of luck!