Cleaning Challenge: Baby-Steps /// Lazy Cleaning


I've tried the Marie Kondo method (you can read about it) and kinda lost my desire to keep up with it over time. I toyed with the idea of trying to feng shui my way to a tidier home, but I guess my chi is messed up. :/ So, I decided to design a cleaning challenge for myself that is a bit more, shall we say, "Lazy" paced.

A bit of backstory to those who may not have been reading since I started the WordPress version of this blog, back in 2010. I've never been a neat person, and neither has my mother. My brother is weird and somehow came out a clean freak (but he's still "boy" messy). So, I've cleaned when needed and it's been ok. Then when I started to live alone and in a city without many friends, I began to spiral into living in a trash dump. I realized that I couldn't wait for company to come to force me to clean, so I started this blog. I posted photos and videos of my disgusting mess and of my much cleaner victories over it. Fast forward and now I am happily married and live with my husband and three fat, fur babies. He is not a fan of living in mess but he's just about as lazy about it as I am. However, the difference is that he'll actually get up and clean because he's bored. Who does that? When I'm bored I read a book, play a game or sleep. Cleaning never crosses my mind.

This has lead to a few disagreements (which you can also read about). So, I've been trying to be better and Mr. LL has agreed to put up with my methods because they are what I need to do in order to be productive (i.e.-lists). It's been working out, but with the side hustle and our day jobs and just life in general, it's starting to become a struggle to keep up with the cleaning. We are in a pretty good spot now, meaning that if someone calls to say they are on their way over a quick run through of the house will make it company ready with minimal "crap" hiding (which is mainly clothes).

With ALL that said, I created this challenge and the name, I think, is very fitting:

The Baby-Steps Cleaning Challenge

Each week, I'm adding a new "to-do" to my cleaning list. Now, keep in mind that these tasks are on top of the divided chores of dishes and laundry that Mr. LL and I share and alternate doing. Also, we both clean up after the animals multiple times a day. I would also ask you to know that these weekly challenges are meant to help me develop long-term habits that will add to the overall happiness and sanity of my household. Enough of that, on to the first challenge!

• WEEK ONE: Make the bed EVERY morning. Including weekends.
We never make the bed unless we cleaning the sheets or know a day in advance of company coming over. However, it makes the whole bedroom just feel "neater" when it is done. Plus, I can't go to bed without making it first, but it's kinda dumb to make it right before you get into it, IMO.

• WEEK TWO: 15 Minute Pick-Up.

• WEEK THREE: Put away clean clothes.

• WEEK FOUR: Deep clean 3 "things". 

Now, I created this challenge with only myself in mind; however if you need to develop some basic cleaning habits into your daily routine, feel free to join the "fun" with me! You know what they say, "misery loves company." If you are cleaning up your act with me, let me know in the comments!