Cleaning Challenge: Baby-Steps /// Week Three


Last week's challenge was to add 15 minutes of picking up around the house to my daily routine. I almost failed at this week's challenge, honestly. I didn't start incorporating it until Wednesday. However, I'm giving myself credit for completing it because I discovered that we are actually doing okay with our mess. Lol. What I mean is Wednesday – Friday, I found myself with anywhere from five to seven minutes left on the clock and at a loss as to what to pick up. Saturday, I went the full fifteen because I realized that I really needed to sweep up the small animal's worth of hair that was lurking along the base boards. So, now it is on to this week's challenge! (Just a reminder, I will still be continuing with the challenges from the previous weeks, in an attempt to get into the daily habit of being a cleaner person in general.)

The Baby-Steps Cleaning Challenge

• WEEK ONE: Make the bed EVERY morning. Including weekends.

WEEK TWO: 15 Minute Pick Up. 

• WEEK THREE: Put away clean clothes. "But Lyn, laundry is already part of your every day routine, right?" Well, yeah. I mean I wash and dry clothes (alternating with Mr. LL), but putting them away, as in where they should actually go, is a different story. Most of the time, they stay in the dryer until we need to put a new load in there. Then they get tossed on top of the dresser until they are used, put away (rare), or fall on the floor, thus getting picked up later and put into the dirty laundry because of suspicion of being actually dirty (pretty common...I suspect). So now I'm going to slow down and focus on putting them away or helping Mr. LL put them away on his laundry days. However, I've already started doing this on my laundry days because last week's challenge just had me in a cleaning mode. I predict a solid victory this week!

• WEEK FOUR: Deep clean 3 "things". 

Remember, I created this challenge with only myself in mind; however if you need to develop some basic cleaning habits into your daily routine, feel free to join the "fun" with me! You know what they say, "misery loves company." If you are cleaning up your act with me, let me know in the comments!