Cleaning Challenge: Baby-Steps /// Week Four


Last week's challenge was to put away the clean clothes. This week's challenge was kinda too easy. Like I said last week, I had already started doing this, so it didn't really feel like a challenge. I guess it was a good practice in keeping these tasks in my daily routine, though. 

On to this week's challenge!!

The Baby-Steps Cleaning Challenge

• WEEK ONE: Make the bed EVERY morning. Including weekends.

• WEEK TWO: 15 Minute Pick Up. 

• WEEK THREE: Put away clean clothes.

• WEEK FOUR: Deep clean 3 "things". This isn't really adding to my daily routine. I'm still doing the challenges from the previous weeks, but I knew I needed a week of "maintenance" mode to see if I could really make them habits. By that I mean, I needed to not add anything else to my routine for a bit so I could really get what I have into the rotation. However, I didn't want this week to just be "see if I can still do all this other crap" so I decided to tackle some things around the house that could really use my attention.

  1. The Bathroom. Mr. LL actually keeps the bathroom pretty clean, but he never cleans the shower. Like cleans it the way I like it to be cleaned. As in SCRUB THAT SHIT DOWN TILL YOU COULD EAT OFF IT clean. I'm very particular about my shower/tub situation.
  2. The Walls. With Bigby and a husband who is a plumber, our walls get dirty. So I just want to scrub them down.
  3. The Floor. We have three pets. And we BOTH have long hair. The floors are over-due for a good, thorough, cleaning.

This is the last week of the challenge!!! I'm going to do a recap next week. Next month, I think I'll come up with either more Baby-Steps challenges or a new cleaning challenge all together. I like doing this as a challenge because it makes it feel like a game. I love games. :)