Goal Getter /// June 2016

JUNE 2016

FAMILY (100%)

  • Spend time with Mr. LL's Family (100%)
  • Spend time with my family (100%)



  • Um...

NOTES: Everyone is so busy. I'm taking out Social this month. :(

HEALTH (48%)

  • Meal plan every week (50%)
  • Stick to said meal plan every week (45%)
  • Try to work out at least TWICE this month (50%)

NOTES: I still have a few more days to work out one more time. AND Mr. LL got my bike back in working order, so I want to go for a ride with Bigby up on the levee by my house.


  • Pay off at least one credit card (100%)
  • Get to Mr. LL's financial goal (80%)
  • Maintain my personal "minimum" balance in my account (0%)

NOTES: I've been pretty good with the last goal, actually. But I'm going to "count" it in next week's monthly recap. I don't want to jinx it!


  • Keep going with the "chores" (75%)
  • Create a cleaning challenge for myself (100%)
  • Complete the cleaning challenge (75%)



  • Get posts ready for the month (100%)
  • Write at least one post A WEEK for LV Book Design (100%)
  • Work on more planner printables (100%)
  • Work on new designs for shop in July (0%)
  • Finish From Side Hustle to Success course (100%)
  • Finish RAVE course (5%)
  • Finish with current client (100%)
  • Find new freelance clients (15%)

NOTES: My freelance calendar is now open. I need to find some new clients who need amazing book covers designed!