Food waste?

A bit of a casual conversation/asking for your thoughts post today. While I'm re-working the Lazy Cooking part of the blog, I've been thinking about bringing back some old things I used to do on the OG Lazy Lady blog.

One segment that I stopped doing but I feel would be totally in line with the way I'm going with LL again, and it is food related, albeit not directly cooking related (but super close), is Food Waste Friday. I don't know that I would necessarily do it on Fridays, or all the scheduling bits, but I wanted to get your feedback.

If you aren't familiar, FWF was started by one of my favorite bloggers, Frugal Girl, and was used as a way to discourage wasting food (and for her, wasting money). She'd do a big link-up every Friday so other bloggers who were participating could share their FWF posts. Then she started to alternate hosting the link-up with another blogger that I didn't know or follow really. Eventually, Frugal Girl stopped doing it all together, for the most part and I kind of lost interest in it.

I don't think I'd do it weekly, but monthly would be how I'd go about it this time around. The idea is to use up all your food stuffs before they go bad and you have to throw away food that could have just as easily been used and eaten when it was still good. It makes you more thoughtful about what you already have so you don't spend money on things you don't need and it also encourages you to get creative (like how do I use ONE potato to feed two of us?).

I've been noticing some food items going to waste in this house as of late, and the thought of shaming myself on my blog so I'll eat the damn salads–instead of going to get McDonald's and then I waste money twice because the lettuce goes bad–appeals to me. 

So I put it to you, would this be something you'd be interested in reading about? Would you want to do it with me? I'd entertain the idea of doing a link-up once a month hosted on my blog. Also, just a note, it is totally encouraged to post about FW-wins; by that I mean, you realize that the milk is about to bad so you bake muffins with it so you don't have to waste it. I love sharing those successes even more than pictures of moldy food in a container that will be forever tainted in my memory.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think?

Cleaning Challenge: Baby Steps 2!


First, let me recap what happened last week. I failed. MISERABLY. I didn't clean the bathroom or scrub the walls. We sort of cleaned the floors, at least Mr. LL did, but not to the extent I was imagining. Sigh. I also didn't make the bed a couple of days. Didn't put away the laundry a couple of days. Didn't do the 15-minute pick-ups either. Basically, at the end of last week I was just lethargic and apathetic about everything. But, these ebbs and flows happen and I'm not going to let it stop me from getting back on the cleaning wagon!

So, I'm going to get back to doing the three daily tasks I already started doing (and had a set back with) but now I'm going to give myself some new challenges! Let's see how that goes.

WEEK ONE: Shower more. I think it's pretty obvious that I am a lazy individual, and my personal hygiene habits are not the best. I shower regularly, but I'm not adverse to missing a few because "I just don't feel like it." I just need to remind myself that taking hair washing out of the equation is TOTALLY an option. That's the main culprit in making me put my lazy pants on. The other is state of the tub after Mr. LL gets to it. So, I'll have to figure that one out since I didn't get around to deep cleaning the bathroom last month. Anyway, to break it down I'm going to shower every other day, WITHOUT FAIL for a week. I can do this.

• Week Two: Change the sheets every week.

• Week Three: ?
• Week Four: ?

Salad Jars /// Lazy Cooking


No recipe this week, because the possibilities for this are endless. Mr. LL and I are trying, most of the time, to eat a little healthier, and we've been taking salads for our lunches. I like making these salad jars on Sunday night, that way we can just grab our lunch out the fridge and be on our way in the mornings.

If you do a search on Pinterest you will find a MILLION different combos to make, but my favorite is Spicy Ranch dressing, shredded chicken, corn, Romain or spinach and some little crunchy, tortilla strips. And some cheese, of course. I will share the most important trick to putting together salads jars, though:

Build them upside-down.

What I mean is, start with your dressing, then your heartier toppings, like the meat or beans. Then layer the toppings and top the jar off with the lettuce. This will keep your salad from getting too soggy and allow you to prep them all at the start of the week. I also keep my tortilla strips out in a ziploc so they don't get stale or soggy and then top my salad with them when I am ready to eat it. 

What kind of healthy lunches do you like to eat? Do you have a favorite salad combo? Let me know in the comments!