DIY Valentine's Day Gift: Date Jar

Mr. LL and I have a Date Night In A Jar I made, inspired by Jennifer over at Life In The Green House. I wasn't able to find popsicle sticks but I found some foam "popsicle sticks" which worked out great. They were already colored, so I didn't have to paint them!

What You'll Need:

  • A jar, I used one of the mason jars TGF gave me as a surprise last year
  • Popsicle sticks, foam or wood
  • Something to write on the sticks, I used a fine tip Sharpie
  • A glue stick
  • Optional: Scissors
  • Optional: A color key for the lid
  • Optional: A bow or ribbons to decorate

I organized the dates by color and made a key for the inside of the jar lid. I cut this out and used a glue stick to adhere it.

Next I set to work writing out all the dates on the sticks. Honestly, the best part of this project was coming up with dates to put in the jar!

Put the sticks in the jar and mix them up. I also added a bow thingie to the top of the lid to make it look fun and festive. That's it. You're done!

Lazy is back!


I've decided to take Lazy Lady back to its roots and bring back some series I had before the relaunch.

Lazy Cooking, Crafting and introducing Lazy Cleaning will all be making appearances on the blog this month. I'm excited to be getting back to my roots. It is a decision not without its own kinks to work out as I go, but I think this will give Lazy Lady back some direction it has lost since the relaunch. I was struggling with finding my direction and I think I just ended up losing my way. I forgot that I started this blog to keep myself and my laziness in check. It's time I got back to that goal. I'll be posting new content through these series as well as revamping some old posts from the old blog (some favorite recipes mostly). I hope you like and will embrace these changes.

I'll still be posting "Top Ten Tuesday", "What I'm Loving" and, for the time being, "Happy Weekend" posts. Of course, "Goal Getter" is sticking around too! My monthly posts "Once A Month Gamer" and the Books, Booze and Bajingos posts will still be around too! So really, I'm not getting rid of anything (yet, anyway), just adding back some OG content!

DIY or die


Somewhere, in an alternate reality, I am a person who actually does crafts from start to finish and I can do them phenomenally. However, in this reality, I live vicariously through craft blogs and I pin a million projects I'll probably never do.

Whether you are like me or if you actually do DIY/craft projects, you'll get some use out this round-up of blogs.

Studs & Pearls is the coolest DIY blog on the block. Kirsten takes inspiration from fashion trends and shows you how to make it yourself. Don't have a few hundred bucks to buy a studded leather jacket? She's made it, and she'll show you how.

UPDATE (APRIL 2016): Studs & Pearls is now Wild Amor. Same creator, and still amazing content.

Craftaholics is a collaborative labor of love. It is full of fun craft projects that are fairly do-able for most people to re-create. If you like to make your own home decorations for any or all the holidays, you will love this craft blog.

My alternate universe self can totally do cross-stitching and needlework. In this reality, I can sew on a button, just barely. Feeling Stitchy allows me to live out my needlework dreams through the amazing projects they share and tutorials/patterns they provide.

I love the projects Erin shares on thanks, I made it. They are always cool and don't have that "homemade" look to them (you know what I'm talking about). I love this blog and I never miss a post. She has it all, jewelry, accessories, clothing and home DIYs; and trust me, they are all pretty freakin' amazing.

To round out this round up, I'm throwing in the Craftster blog. Anyone who is into to DIY projects and crafts knows about Craftster, but until recently I didn't know they had a blog!

Do you know of any craft/DIY blogs? Share them with me and feed my obsession!