Lazy is back!


I've decided to take Lazy Lady back to its roots and bring back some series I had before the relaunch.

Lazy Cooking, Crafting and introducing Lazy Cleaning will all be making appearances on the blog this month. I'm excited to be getting back to my roots. It is a decision not without its own kinks to work out as I go, but I think this will give Lazy Lady back some direction it has lost since the relaunch. I was struggling with finding my direction and I think I just ended up losing my way. I forgot that I started this blog to keep myself and my laziness in check. It's time I got back to that goal. I'll be posting new content through these series as well as revamping some old posts from the old blog (some favorite recipes mostly). I hope you like and will embrace these changes.

I'll still be posting "Top Ten Tuesday", "What I'm Loving" and, for the time being, "Happy Weekend" posts. Of course, "Goal Getter" is sticking around too! My monthly posts "Once A Month Gamer" and the Books, Booze and Bajingos posts will still be around too! So really, I'm not getting rid of anything (yet, anyway), just adding back some OG content!