Step Three: Komono

Back at it with Marie Kondo's method! This month, I tackled the category she calls "komono" which is kind of a catch-all. The first part of this category is CDs and DVDs, but I already cleaned those out one bored Saturday a few months ago, and not really to do it as part of the process but because they were bugging me.

So, I'm skipping that part (and the accessories because I did that with my clothes) and going to make-up and beauty products.


I borrowed an empty shelf box from my office and collected everything from my dresser, bathroom and my purses and piled it all on the bed. Then I started with my hair products. I kept them all, but I also cleaned them off the best I could with just a dry towel. I moved on to lotions and perfumes. I tossed this very lovely gift set that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas. I thanked it for the thought she put into it, but the smell makes both me and Mr. LL think of little old ladies. The Tease perfume, that I love and was a gift from Mr. LL, doesn't work anymore. The pump broke so it was just taking up space.

Next up was skin care. I have quite a few masks and the usual cleaning products. I ended up only tossing one mask that was a tad old. Nails were up next, and not photographed is my nail polish remover. I didn't see it when I did this group, but I kept it. I did get rid of some VERY old foot lotion. Bleah.

Finally, it was time to face the big part of this task: my make-up. I thought I wouldn't have much because I'm not one to hold onto a lot of make-up, but I was surprised by how much I tossed. I got rid of my favorite little eyeshadow palette because 1-it's broken and 2-I've had it way longer than one should keep eye products. I also got rid of a BB cream, two eyeliners, a lipstick and some eye cream because I don't use any of them. And I had an empty BB cream container that I had been holding on so I could properly replace it but they don't make it anymore. This also gave me the opportunity to clean all my make-up brushes which DESPERATELY needed it (I love beauty blenders, but so does Bigby so I stopped buying them just to find my money chewed up and under the couch).

I feel good about cleaning all this stuff out and putting everything else away where I can find them all better (like my makeup brush cleanser). Next month I'm going to tackle electrical equipment and that should be interesting. O.o