Getting Ready for Baby - Cleaning/Organizing Challenge


Ok. I'm getting scarily close to my third trimester and we have a pile of baby stuff in the front room that needs to find a home. Not to mention we need to get a crib and some other furniture pieces in so I can feel like the baby won't be forced to sleep in a drawer or something and I can kinda chill out. I guess the nesting phase is starting to kick in.

So, I decided to break down what needs to get done into some manageable tasks that I will be working on from now until probably mid-April and I wanted to document it and share my process or rather an attempt at controlling the chaos that is having your first child here on the blog. I'm calling it a challenge just so I push myself to get things done instead of pushing them off for ever.

I'll still be doing my weekly goal check-ins on Wednesday, but I'm just going to throw them on the tail end of these posts if I have one to share. If I haven't finished a goal, I'll still update you on it during those posts as well. This is me trying to #embracechange head on!


  • Get organized. We have some empty storage containers under our bed (to try to keep the pets from fighting under there) that I am finally getting to put to good use. I've made some labels and I want to start storing some of the smaller baby stuff in there.
  • Clean out the crib space. We will be sharing our bedroom with the Lazy Baby and I have this one spot I'm envisioning the crib going. However, right now it has literally junk in it so I need to clean that space out. Then I need to measure it to make sure the crib I want will fit. ::fingers crossed::

That's all I got for now. Once I can get these two parts taken care of, I'll figure out what I want to do for Phase #2.