Getting Ready for Baby: Phase Two


Phase one is complete! Now I have to figure out what to do next. I've put away a lot of baby things into storage bins and once the changing table, with its built in storage, gets built, I'll have somewhere to start putting some of the baby clothes (I have an empty storage container for extra clothes that she won't need for a bit). I've also cleared out the areas I want to put the crib and the changing table.

I guess the next steps are pretty obvious, really.


  • Get organized. 
  • Clean out the crib space. 


  • Get the crib + changing table assembled. This one relies heavily on Mr. LL. He'll be more in charge of the assembly than I am, but I'll be there to help!
  • Wash all the baby clothes/blankets/etc. Of course, I mean just what I have right now. I'm sure I'll be getting more from our baby showers. Also, this step includes putting the clean things away where they go.

I'm thinking Phase #2 will take a weekend to do and then I can come up with a Phase #3. However, when we'll actually get around to doing it, that's another issue.