Checking In

This week I've been focused on getting some behind the scenes work done over at LV Book Design and I'm happy to say that I'm pretty much done. Aside from scheduling the social media for next month, I've knocked out a lot of projects and I'm very happy about my progress.

I've been doing OK with chores. I feel off this week though, mainly because our fridge is all-but-dead. We went looking for a new one last night and have some other stores we want to hit up before we buy, but that this means that I can't really grocery shop this week. Eating out for EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL. is killing me. My stomach is not happy. And I'm out of my routine. I don't mind the break from dishes though, but the not so healthy foods we've been eating has left me with little to no energy for doing my evening tasks.



  • Get organized. As done as I can be for now.
  • Clean out the crib space. Have a HARD deadline for this to get done now, since our crib and changing table will be arriving next week! :D