Lazy Baby: Turning 1! The Gifts.

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Last week I shared the theme for Lazy Baby's first birthday; this week, I'm sharing some FIRST BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS! We won't be getting her all of these, but they are definitely things that I want to give LB when I can.

  1. Melissa & Doug® Classic Wooden Toy Bundle - Pound-A-Peg, Stack and Sort Board - LB loves to bang on things, so the peg table will be a hit, plus the stack board is great too because she's just figuring out stacking things! (Target)
  2. Melissa & Doug® Around the House Sound Puzzle - LB has a couple of wooden puzzles, but it's hard for her little fingers to get the pieces out, so I want to get her one with pegs. I like this one, a lot because it also shows the inside of the house and the people in it. (Target)
  3. Play Kitchen - This is what we are (probably) actually getting LB for her birthday. Play kitchens can get real expensive, real fast; and although I really wanted to get her a wooden one, this one is more affordable and I like it. We wanted to get her something that she would play with for years to come, so this is an investment in our eyes. (Target)
  4. Melissa & Doug® Let's Play House! Dust, Sweep & Mop - I know this looks weird, but I am getting this for LB one way or another because I want LB to not loathe the idea of cleaning in the future. It all goes back the Montessori-esque things I am trying to do with her. (Target)
  5. New PJs - These are just too freakin' cute. Plus, she hates the footies in her footie pjs so these are a good compromise in my opinion. BONUS FOR YOU! Save 20% on pure organic cotton #hannajams, including new arrivals! With warm summer nights just around the corner, it’s time to stock up on short johns in cool, comfy cotton. Valid through 5/6/18. (Hanna Anderrson)
  6. Wooden Building Blocks - LB already has small, alphabet wooden blocks, but I think she'd like these bigger building blocks down the road. (Target)

Lazy Baby: Turning 1! The Theme.

This post contains affiliate links.

Lazy Baby's first birthday is at the end of the month, so I'm in deep planning mode. I figured I'd share as I go. First up: THE THEME.



I totally stole this idea from Pinterest, but I never claimed it as my own to begin with. Mornings are a good time for LB. She's at her least fussiest, most days. So this breakfast theme works out great and it's easy on me in terms of food.

  1. SPRINKLES TABLECLOTH: I like this table cloth more than the donut ones that are out there. I feel like it will help keep the decor from being too donut-y. If that's a thing. (Target)
  2. GOODIE BAGS: I'm going to be making my own, the they'll have the "Thanks a HOLE bunch" sentiment on them, and filled with donut holes. (Etsy)
  3. PARTY HAT: I love this cute tiny party hat for the birthday girl. (Etsy)
  4. PARTY PLATES: I like these donut plates for the party. They are cute and simple. I might supplement with a few solid colored plates. The rest of the party ware (napkins, cups, etc.) is going to be solid. (Target)
  5. PARTY OUTFIT: I've already ordered and received a party outfit for LB, but this was my other choice. I just went with MORE donuts, lol. (Etsy)
  6. CAKE (DONUT) TOPPER: LB is going to have a smash-donut instead of a cake. I love this little topper. It's where I got the idea for the theme! (Etsy)