Get Out

No, not Jordan Peele's horror amazing horror movie. Sorry if that's what you thought this was about, I can see how it could be a bit misleading. However, that movie came out over a year ago, and while I know I can be a bit behind the times, I'm not THAT bad.


No, I'm talking about Lazy Baby's developing linguistic capabilities. She's got a handle on "da da" and Mr. LL swears that she cries "mommy/mama" when I'm not around (though I cannot get her to call me mama to my face, sigh). She's working on "ball" these days. However, there are two PHRASES that she has down and uses with meaning and in the right context. The first is "what's that?" which we've been saying to her for her whole life, so I can see why she'd pick up on it. It is super adorable when she says it, too. She'll point to something and in a soft, breathy whisper she asks "wassat?" 


The other phrase that Lazy Baby has down is "get out." Smh. I didn't realize just HOW MUCH we say it in our house and never really to any of the humans living there, but almost always to the pets. Especially to our cat Cake, who likes to jump into LL's gated off play space. At first, we let this happen because Cake is super sweet and chill, the perfect pet to let LL practice interacting with the pets. But then Cake got a really bad flea problem so we would kick her out so wouldn't pick fleas off the baby. :| Then there's Bigby, our dog, who is always getting into something; the garbage, the litter boxes, anything edible that's left out. So we say "get out" or "get off" to him a lot, too. (Mei-mei, our fat fur baby is an absolute angel who never gets fussed at...except when she tries to steal food from your mouth). So, the past two weeks, LL has been saying "GEH-OW GEH-OW" and I suspected she was saying "get out" at first, but wasn't sure. Then my suspicions were confirmed when I was in her play room with her and Cake jumped over the gate. She toddled over to Cake and pushed her (gently) and said "GEH-OW GEH OW." Oh man. 


It slightly bothers me that we apparently say "get out" more in her presence than she hears "I love you." I've started to say "I love you" every time she gives me a hug, which these days is every five minutes. I'm hoping she'll pick up on that soon.

To my other parents out there, were there any funny/odd/unique first words with your children? Let me know in the comments.