Window shopping

No real theme to this one, just some items I found whilst browsing a few of my favorite online vendors. I simply want these items, but don't have the extra cash to buy any of it.

  1. This dress is so cute and I think it is very flattering. (ModCloth)
  2. I can't decide which I like most, this Lumber Janes hoodie...(welovefine)
  3. ...or this Adventure Time hoodie (welovefine). If I could, I'd get both.
  4. Lusting after this Kate Spade ampersand trivet. (Bed Bath and Beyond)
  5. PUSHEEN! (ThinkGeek)
  6. I NEED these leggings for my next D&D night! (welovefine)

Professional A.F.

That chair I found last week, the one I thought would look good in my office, got me thinking about boss-y things. So, here are some office-centric finds that I'm loving ATM.

  1. It's good to have a goal to work towards, and this globe can help remind of that trip you've always wanted to take (ModCloth)
  2. I love this top... (eShakti)
  3. ...and wouldn't it look great with these pants? (eShakti)
  4. Knight pen holder, so you can slay it at work (ThinkGeek)
  5. Never get caught with a dead battery again with this cool portable charger (ModCloth)
  6. Best "Boss" coffee mug ever? Yes. (ThinkGeek)
  7. Speaking of coffee, this cold coffee brewer is just what I need (ThinkGeek)

Green Living

Not "green", necessarily in an ecological sense, but with tomorrow being St. Patrick's Day, I've got green on the mind! (You can check out this other St. Patrick's Day post, too).

  1. Minty fresh with this jewelry stand (ModCloth)
  2. I would love to put this emerald chair in my office (Amazon)
  3. DINOSAUR OVEN MIT! (ThinkGeek)
  4. Yoda yoga mat (ThinkGeek)
  5. Llama love with this cute, green mug (ModCloth)