Window shopping

No real theme to this one, just some items I found whilst browsing a few of my favorite online vendors. I simply want these items, but don't have the extra cash to buy any of it.

  1. This dress is so cute and I think it is very flattering. (ModCloth)
  2. I can't decide which I like most, this Lumber Janes hoodie...(welovefine)
  3. ...or this Adventure Time hoodie (welovefine). If I could, I'd get both.
  4. Lusting after this Kate Spade ampersand trivet. (Bed Bath and Beyond)
  5. PUSHEEN! (ThinkGeek)
  6. I NEED these leggings for my next D&D night! (welovefine)

Birthday Wishlist

Saturday is my birthday, but this year we'll be celebrating as my mom and her partner Karen are MARRIED!!

However, that doesn't stop me from putting together a little bday wish list!

1. Miss Mix-It Dress /// 2. Phases For Life album (I'm in love with the song "I'm In Love With My Life") /// 3. Exploding Kittens card game /// 4. R2D2 tea pot from ThinkGeek /// 5. One Pan, Two Plates cook book