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This month's pick is maile's choice.

This month's pick is maile's choice.

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Just wanted to do a quick update about what's going on with the book club today (instead of the usual Top Ten Tuesday post). When I posted an update about what was going to be changing on the blog ("You May Have Noticed"), I had said that I wanted to make BB+B a podcast, but wasn't sure how well that idea would be received by the other members of the club. Well, to my surprise, the other ladies read the post and were excited to make it a podcast! 

We got together last night, but we didn't record. We couldn't have, even if we wanted to, because my headset was broken. I had to use the built in microphone on my computer so I'm sure it sounded lovely. However, recording and editing them will be a reality in the near future. It may be a few months because Mr. LL and I will be moving at the end of May, so every thing is a bit upside down in my world.

You are all more than welcome to read along with us and join the Goodreads group, in the meantime! The boards are quiet because Maile, Annie and I talk to each other about the books via other means, but I'd love to know what you think about the monthly picks.