You may have noticed...


I haven't been doing my weekend blogging. I have photos for my Project 365, I just haven't been able to bring myself to sit on a computer these past couple of weekends. It's really nice to have some down, unplugged time (even though I'm still plugged in some, watching Parks & Rec on Netflix). My friend Mallory, from Miss Malaprop, suggested that I might be over-stretching myself by posting 7 days a week; that I need to focus more on quality instead of quantity. When I re-booted Lazy Lady, my plan was to give all the myriad of post ideas I wanted to do a try for six months, weeding them out as I went. Three months in and I think it's time to do some major surgery. The problem is, I love a lot of what I post.

I cut the "Goal Getter" series, and as soon as I did, I got comments, messages, and emails from readers telling me how much they enjoy it! As I thought about it, trying to decide if cutting it was the right decision and if I should bring it back, I realized that "Goal Getter" is one of the most don't-be-lazy series I have on the blog, lol. It NEEDS to be on here. So, I will be working it back into the line-up...eventually. I just need to work on my schedule some more. It will probably be back in May.

I also cut back my Books, Booze & Bajingos posts. I really would love to make our monthly meet-ups into a podcast, but I don't know if the ladies are as interested in that idea as I am. So I just have the monthly pick going up. I honestly just get too tipsy or tired to write up the recap of our meet-up each month right after the fact. Writing it next day is hard because then the details are fuzzy.

I love my bookclub, and I want to share it with all of you and have you join us on the GoodReads community and help it grow! The forums are pretty quiet right now (as in it's just me >.>) but I'd love to have it flourish with new people joining in and starting new discussions. Please go check it out and let me know if you are reading along with us!

Sneak peek at a W.B. McGhee sketch!

Sneak peek at a W.B. McGhee sketch!

I've been working on W.B. McGhee and I am super excited about this project! This is my first time writing my own comic and it's hard! I've only ever done journal long as you don't count some horrible comics I did in junior high/high school, lol. I've been diving into the depths of character development and having fun flushing out the fictional lives I'm giving to my pets. Also, anytime something happens with Bigby, Mr. LL and/or I go "that will make a fun/great story for Wiggle Bottoms!" I need to start writing them down. I really don't have a set time-line for when the first W.B. McGhee comic will go up and I've given myself the goal of just getting it up this year. I'll be giving you all updates and sneak peeks along the way!

Do you have a favorite series on the blog? If so, leave a comment and let me know what you like/love. I love to read each and every comment, and I try to do my best to reply back to you all! I hope you have a great week!

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