Running on fumes

The past two weeks have been crazy for me. Over the weekend I finally had a moment to just breath and plan, and that's when it hit me. I'm over doing it; and if I keep this up, I'll be running on fumes in no time.

I really looked at what I have going on in my life:

  • Full time graphic design job that has me working OT every week and where my responsibilities and work load is increasing constantly
  • Lazy Lady, which I have been slowly cutting back from the 5-6 posts-a-week
  • Books, Booze + Bajingos Podcast, and granted, it is a once a month deal, but it is a very time consuming once a month project
  • LV Book Design, which is in its baby phases – I worry I'm not spending enough time and effort on my side hustle to get it truly going
  • Trying to spend as much time as possible with my husband, who is also working side jobs in addition to his full time job – this makes our "free" time very precious to both of us
  • Giving all our fur-babies the attention and play time they need
  • It's getting into the holiday season which means family obligations on both my side and Mr. LL's side of the family
  • Trying to not live in a dump because both Mr. LL and I are so busy
  • Oh and I have a big project I'm working on for Lazy Lady that will, hopefully, launch in December

My problem is, I WANT TO DO IT ALL. There isn't one thing on the list that I don't want to do. I am just becoming aware that I mentally/physically can't do it all. 😞Now I'm having to make some tough decisions. I know that it's going to be Lazy Lady that is going to see the first cuts in an effort to save my sanity. I just don't know from where...