Goal Getter // November 2015

It is really start to dawn on me how much I've put on my own plate. I have the day job, which has changes going on to it at the moment; Lazy Lady, that takes up a lot of my "free" time; the Books, Booze + Bajingos Podcast, that eats up an evening with recording and a day with editing; and LV Book Design, which I'm still trying to get the ball rolling on. So I'm going to have to sit down and make some hard decisions about what I want to do with all of these responsibilities. What this means is that this month's goals are kind of sparse right now.



  • Build newsletters for Lazy Lady and LV Book Design (0%)

Notes: I'm trying to not overwhelm myself at the start of the month. I may add more later.


  • Pay off my Credit Card (38%)

Notes: You may see this list grow later in the month too, I'm trying to decide what I want to do and when I want to set it as a goal with some financial decisions. 


  • Complete Phase I of Atkins (50%)
  • Stay strong with the diet during Thanksgiving (0%)
  • Work out at least four days a week (0%)

Notes: So, technically we've already done Phase I, but yesterday we allowed ourselves to pig out on real candy. So, we decided to do Phase I for another two weeks.

HOME:  0%

  • Stick to the dishes deal (0%)
  • Stick to the laundry deal (0%)
  • Pick up living spaces every day – weekends don't count, necessarily (0%)

Notes: So, Mr. LL and I came to some cleaning agreements. If one of us cooks dinner, the other does dishes. Also, we are alternating laundry duty. Su, Tu, and Th are his days, M, W, F are my days.

BLOG: 0%

  • Work on blog posts for November (0%)
  • Work on December planning (0%)
  • Photo day (0%)
  • LV Blog post(s) (0%)

Notes: It's been crazy at my day job lately, so I'm going to have to do some catch up with the blogging.