Real Talk: Prioritizing Me

First, before I get into the meat of the post, I want to explain what this is all about. I decided I wanted to have a day each week that I could do a stream of consciousness, real talk, brain dump kind of post. I may not post every week, but I am going to strive to post every week. Anyway, that's what this is, just so you know.

This week has had an unplanned theme to it, putting myself first. I don't mean in a negative or necessarily selfish way, but just spending some time on me and myself. The start of the new year is usually a time of self-reflection for most, and I am no exception. I've been reflecting on 2016 and thinking about what's to come in the year ahead. I've been thinking about what is really important to me and what I can let fall by the wayside so I don't get too stressed out.

Tuesday I had an extra day off work and I had a mostly me day. Aside from having to get a new battery put in our car and that causing me to mildly fall apart when it started to interfere with my plans for the day (thankfully, my wonderful mom was able to come pick me up and help me out till the car was ready), I was able to spend some time on me. I had made a hair appointment and I let myself just get lost in the process and zone out as someone spent their attention and talents on me. Later, I got my eyebrows done, and again I mentally let myself just let go as I got pampered. I was even able to buy some very expensive beauty products because of a really nice gift my father-in-law gave me for Christmas.

Wednesday, I decided I am done wasting my mornings. My usual morning routine, as of late, has been: get up; get the coffee going; make Mr. LL's lunch and coffee; putting away the clean dishes; washing the dirty dishes; sitting down with my coffee and the iPad and just vegging out with either YouTube or a book till around 8am; get ready for work/make my own lunch/deal with the pets, etc.; out the door around 8:30am. I decided that instead of just vegging out, I want to use that time to do a 10 minute Headspace meditation and to journal. I started a pregnancy journal way back, but haven't been keeping up with very well. So, that's what I did yesterday morning (I actually started meditating again on Tuesday). This morning, however, Mr. LL and I fell back asleep and woke up late which put me a bit behind schedule. Still, I made the conscious decision that I would still take the time and mediate, journal and NOT rush as I got ready. If I ended up being a few minutes late to work, it wouldn't be the end of the world (it is a slow week). I actually still got to work within the range of "on time" that my boss allows (as long as we are in before 9:20am, it's ok). This just proved to me that I can allow myself and my schedule to focus on me and my needs and the world will not fall down.

With the Lazy Baby on the way, I really want to spend the last few months of life without baby focusing on me and what I need/want/desire/feel. I know that once this little girl is here, she's going to become my world and I will more than likely push all those things to the side. So while I can, I want to take care of me as much as possible.