Baby Steps Cleaning Challenge 2 /// Week Three


This week was an easy task. I mean, Mr. LL actually did it while I was playing D&D, so SUPER EASY. Hopefully we'll keep it up with the weekly sheets changing. I think a lot of you may be disappointed in this week's challenge, but I put a lot thought into this and I think it is the right thing to do, I'll go into more detail below:

WEEK ONE: Shower more. 

• WEEK TWO: Change the sheets.

• Week Three: MAINTENANCE. Yup, just a good ol' maintenance week. What does that mean? Well, I mean this week is just a week to see if I can maintain the new changes in my daily/weekly routines. Last month I did this, but tasked myself with deep cleaning three areas of my home. That didn't happen, and I worry that the extra tasks threw me off the whole week. Just that feeling of overwhelm from having too much on my plate, ya know? So, even though there isn't a new task or "to-do" this week, it is crucial for the experiment to be a success that I find out if I've maxed out my "what I can realistic handle in terms of cleaning" quota or if I find myself doing more here and there just because I'm already cleaning.
So, if you've been keeping track, this means this week I'll just be focusing on: making the bed every day; spending 15 minutes every day to just pick up around the house (I haven't been the best at this last week, I'll admit); putting away clean clothesshowering more; and changing the sheets (once a week).
Next week I'll have something new!

• Week Four: ?