Roll For It (Deluxe Edition) /// Once A Month Gamer

St. Patrick's day is next week, and I thought I'd review a game that requires strategy and a lot of luck. So if you are feeling lucky, why not play a game of Roll For It!

Roll For It! Deluxe combines the fast-paced action ofRoll For It! with the beauty of Calliope's iconic artwork. The Deluxe edition combines the contents of both the red and purple games and now supports 2-8 players ages 8+ and plays in 20-40 minutes.

Mr. LL gave me this game for Yule and we can't stop playing! It is so quick and fun and probably the easiest game to learn in our entire collection. We love it so much, that we play through the whole deck before counting up to see who won (instead of keeping track to see who gets to 40 points first).

The game comes with 8 sets of colorful, mini dice (6 die to each set). You choose your dice, shuffle the cards, place three face up and the rest in a draw pile. Then you determine who goes first and, well, roll for it! Each card has specific dice it needs to be completed (like 6 dice all with the 5 side showing). After you roll your dice, look at what you have and you have a few options for what to do next: complete a card, save dice for a particular (these will not be rerolled on your next turn), or just keep all your dice to roll again. Then it is the next player's turn, and on it goes. The first player to score 40 points wins!


Calliope Games

Chris Leder

COST: $38.00
(however, the non-deluxe version of this game is $15)

I personally find I can play this game again and again and it has yet to get old. You have to put a bit of strategy into the decisions you make—making sure you have enough dice to complete a card, deciding is it really worth all your chances for that one 15 point card—but a lot of it depends on the luck of the dice roll.


I love the art for this Deluxe edition of the game, and the metal tin you keep it in. Roll for it is great for two players but if you want a longer game, then you'll need 3 to 4.