OAMG: Game Night Fashion + Gear

Saturday I'm playing D&D with my friends and I thought I'd make a set with some killer gear. "The Look" is based on what I typically wear to these gatherings, and is also inspired by the fact that my character is a catfolk Ranger. "The Gear" is some cool things I wouldn't mind having when I roll my D20.

  1. Come Tome to Me sweatshirt – ModCloth
  2. A Fine Foundation Leggings – ModCloth
  3. Sporty Favors the Bold Sneaker in Leopard – ModCloth
  4. Deluxe Handbag of Holding – ThinkGeek
  5. Potion Crochet dice bag – Etsy seller: ClayNCrochetDesigns
  6. Dragon dice tower  – Amazon