This or That: Board Games

I have taken this post idea and the "this or that"s from Michelle over at A Geek Girl's Guide. You should definitely go check out that blog. I love it.



Dice or Cards

I love a good quick dice game like Zombie Dice, but since Mr. LL and I only get to play once Lazy Baby goes to sleep, noisy dice got no place in my life. So cards it is. We've been enjoying Exploding Kittens as of late. (affiliate link)

Light Weight versus Heavy Weight

These days, light weights for the win. I don't have a lot of time to devote to board games, so quick and easy games are what you are going to find in rotation at the Lazy House.

like love letter (affiliate link)

like love letter (affiliate link)


Legacy or Not

I do enjoy a good, well designed legacy game, but I need more bang for my buck. So games with high replay value are going to get preference when I'm looking to buy a new game.


Kickstarter or Retail

Kickstarter, all the way. I love to support indie game designers and they come up with some the most beautiful and well constructed board games these days!


Versus or Co-Op

BOTH! Each has it's time and place and I wouldn't want to live without either genre on my shelves.

What would your answers be? Let me know with a comment below.