Lazy Cooking: Trash Snacks

Do you have snacks that you eat that you don't really want other people knowing about? Snacks that were perhaps born out of desperation and empty pantries that turned into private delacacies that you induldge in when no one is looking? I do, and I am coming out the Trash Snack Closet with a few of my favorites.



Ok, I didn't come up with this name and I'm not even sure I'm using it correctly. Basically it's taking cheese slices, or shredded cheese if you have it, putting over pretzels or crackers and microwaving it until the cheese melts. Mr. LL caught me doing this once and proclaimed "Oh are you making God?" That's what he and his friends called it when they were teenagers, so I know I'm not alone in this one.



Ok, so  ice cream + soda isn't a crazy combo, but I prefer to use chocolate ice cream. Does this have a name? I don't know. Should you try it? Yes. The other option is called "Bubbles" in my family and was a favorite treat (or a desperate breakfast) growing up. It's just milk poured over scoops of chocolate ice cream. No blending it into a chocolate shake or anything fancy. The ice cream gets these delicious chocolate ice crystals on it and omg I wish I had some right now.



Bread and peanut butter is an easy snack, and not at all a trash snack...unless you eat it like I do. I will take the jar of peanut butter, the ENTIRE LOAF OF BREAD and a butter knife, sit down on the couch and EAT UNTIL I AM FULL or run out of bread. Whichever comes first.

In desperate times, i.e.-no peanut butter, I will put mayonnaise on bread and eat it. Not in a whole loaf kind of way, but a slice or two of mayo bread will do for a snack during these dark times.



It's just what it says, a bowl of plain, white rice with melted butter (and salt). I would eat this not only as a snack but as an entire meal back in my just-out-of-college, single days. Money was tight and this will fill you up.

Do you have any "trash snacks" you like to enjoy? Share them in comments!