Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Culture Junky

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It's that time of year again! I've put together a few gift guides to share with you and I hope you find that perfect something for everyone on your list!

I'm starting off with what is probably my favorite collection of gifts. Those Squirrel Girl earrings are killing me! And I think we need that Boba Fett nutcracker in our lives, ASAP.

Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate links.

May the 4th be with you!

Happy Star Wars day! I found these cool Star Wars things to help you celebrate the day, full FORCE. ;)

  1. I love this Dark Side jacket and I think it would look pretty bad ass with...(welovefine)
  2. ...this Darth Vader tank. Right? (ModCloth)
  3. As always, I'm still lusting after some Star Wars headsets. (ThinkGeek)
  4. Have an intergalactic breakfast with this Death Star waffle iron. (ThinkGeek)
  5. I would love to get my hands on this Star Wars Cookbook with accompanying cookie cutters. (ModCloth)

Gift Ideas for Him

Today is Mr. LL's birthday, so I put together a gift guide full of ideas for the special fella in your life...based on what my special fella likes.

  1. The Painted Lady book about tattoos on ladies. (Plastic Land)
  2. Metro map of Skyrim, b/c Mr. LL has been playing Elder Scrolls non-stop. (etsy)
  3. Gameboy inspired hard-case suitcase. (ThinkGeek)
  4. This awesome Star Wars t-shirt. (welovefine)
  5. Faux taxidermy, golden T-Rex head wall mount. (etsy)