Live in the now

  1. What I'm Reading: Currently, I'm reading How To Build A Girl by Caitlin Moran for my bookclub. I like it ok so far.
  2. What I'm Working On: Myself. (2) I've been really loving my laceless Skechers and need more pairs; (3) I mentioned one of my goals this month is to wear more sunscreen and this one has great reviews; (4) speaking of great reviews, this phone bike mount has a lot of them so I think I'll get it, maybe; (5-affiliate link) still on the hunt for the perfect journal, but I'm leaning towards this one.
  3. What I'm Playing: 

Pokemon Go!

Yes, I am playing Pokemon Go! I'm mildly obsessed with it, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I went on the hunt for some cool Pokemon Go gear and Etsy came through for me. Check out my finds:

  1. I am on Team Instinct! So of course, I gotta get some team swag!
  2. I love this tank and want it. Like super bad.
  3. Gotta have my Team Instinct Pokemon hat!
  4. These Pokemon Go cookie cutters are pretty awesome.
  5. I think these wood team pins are just beautiful.
  6. Pokeball phone case? Don't mind if I do!
  7. If you play Pokemon Go, then you know it is a battery drainer. So having a portable charger isn't a bad move. (ModCloth)
  8. And of course, who doesn't need a Pokemon Go Map Pin?

Covered in Bees!

Where my Eddie Izzard fans at? Did you get the reference in this post's title? So, last month's pick for the bookclub was The Bees by Laline Paull (link below) and I've been obsessed with bees ever since.

  1. In today's society, you almost can't think about Burt's Bees when you think about bees, am I right? Anyway, I really love this lip color.
  2. Look at this beautiful necklace by LeChaim! I love it!
  3. I'm pretty sure I've posted this before, but help the bees out! Go gorilla gardener with one of the bee seed bomb packs!
  4. This shirt is pretty cool, I like the vintage bee illustrations on it.
  5. If you are crafty, you'll love Paperdoll Digital's downloadable paper patterns. This pack is very bee-autiful. See what I did there?