2016 In Review

Here's a look back at some of the big things from 2016:

We celebrated my birthday at the New Orleans' Comic Con.

I worked hard to get clients and grow LV Book Design this year.

Mr. LL and I took a REAL vacation to one of our favorite get aways.

We found out that I am pregnant and used my Halloween costume to announce it to the world!

I got to do some extra illustration freelance work this year and shared with you along with my holiday wishes!

I ain't afraid of no ghost!

Ok, so I know the new Ghostbusters doesn't hit the big screen till July, but I've been watching the new trailer that was released last week at least once a day. I am so excited for this movie; so, I wanted to do an "Everyday Cosplay" post, (even though this is totally Megan from The Nerdy Girlie's area of expertise–I love her Everyday Cosplay series!) in honor of the new movie and the trailer release! I'm sure there will be more Ghostbuster posts as the movie gets closer to its release date! So, if you are as excited as I am, you can look forward to more of this fan-girling out on the blog.

I wanted to create an everyday look inspired by the costumes of the characters, and the mug, well I mean come on, of course I had to put that in there!

Channel Jillian Holtzmann (played by Kate McKinnon) with these yellow sunglasses (Amazon); get caffenaited to fight ghosts in this Stay Puft Marshmallow coffee mug (ThinkGeek); kick some ecto-butt in these boots (ModCloth); this jacket and bright, orange top combo will let them know who's boss (both ModCloth); and these leggings are a reminder of what you are saving! (ModCloth)

And if you haven't seen the trailer yet, here you go! Enjoy!


You tell me what you want


I already have some things in the works for Lazy Lady in 2016, but I want to hear from you! What are some of things you want more of in 2016?

Do you want more
tabletop content?

Like my game reviews, want more tabletop related gift guides and recommendations?

Do you want more
lazy cleaning action?

Do you need inspiration and motivation to do your dishes too?

Do you want more
lazy recipes?

Do you want more cooking tips from someone who is super lazy?

Do you want more
"What I'm Loving" posts?

Are you digging my style and want me to scour the web for cool things so you don't have to?

What do you want more of? *
Is there something I've blogged about in the past that you'd like to see more of and I didn't put it on the list? Let me know about it!