Checking In

Today is my rest day. I wasn't going to rest today because my work out yesterday was pretty "meh" but last night I realized that I probably need the rest day because I had a hard time moving around yesterday and I had to take Tylenol twice for my back. So rest day it is.

I am proud of my work out yesterday, as crappy as it was, because I actually got up and did it. It was a wet and rainy morning and I wasn't about to get caught in the rain on the levee with Bigby. So instead, I had a few pregnancy workout videos saved on YouTube and I tried a couple out. The first one was too hard on my wrists, so I had to stop that one about a third of the way through. The other one I had time to do was really just deep stretching. Still, I'm not working out to lose weight but rather to help prepare my body for L&D.

I hope taking a rest day today doesn't throw me off like it did last week.



  • Get organized. 
  • Clean out the crib space. 


  • Get the crib + changing table assembled. 
  • Wash all the baby clothes/blankets/etc. 


  • Make appointment with pediatrician. 
  • Buy a few more maternity pieces. – Check! Ordered some pieces online and they should be here Friday!
  • Buy a couple of nursing bras. – I desperately need to go bra shopping because my belly is getting too big for my underwire bras. D:
  • Baby showers – After last week's post, the date for the family thrown baby shower was settled on so now there are two on the calendar! I can't wait! :D