Baby Shower Gift Guides

With our baby showers coming up, I thought I'd team up with Target (affiliate) to give you some ideas for baby shower gifts that any parent would love to have when they welcome their new baby! Also, if you are expecting – first, CONGRATULATIONS! – second, you should totally sign up for Target's Baby Registry!

  1. Not the most exciting gift, but definitely one that is needed, Healthcare and Grooming Kit.
  2. Changing table mats. I don't have any experience in this realm yet, but I've heard the horror stories.
  3. I actually have this diaper bag on my baby registry! I think a backpack is the way to go and Mr. LL can carry it around, shame free, too!
  4. How cute is this little fox? Bonus, he clips onto the stroller so he won't get lost when you're on the go!
  5. The world of online parents love these WubbaNub pacifers and I'm totally down with the hype.
  6. The baby shower staple, Boudreaux's Butt Paste. I've never been to a shower where the mom-to-be didn't get this in some form.

(All the links above are affiliate links.)


  • I'm seriously considering getting the diaper & wipe subscription from Honest Co. and diapers are always welcome gifts (affiliate link).
  • There's just something magical about Melissa & Doug toys. I feel like Lazy Baby could really grow her imagination and cognitive skills with them (affiliate link).
  • Fisher Price pretty much has the baby gear market covered. Play mats, bouncers, rockers, swings, plus bright and shiny toys that even I'm drawn to – they have it all (affiliate link).
  • I love this onesie from Etsy seller Biased Baby. My friend Sara already got it for Lazy Baby!
  • Give the gift of...YOU! Whether it's in the form of: watching the baby so the new parents can get some sleep/take a shower/run an errand; cooking and bringing them a home cooked meal; offering to clean; or even just offering to run to the store for them – remember, "it takes a village."