New Line Up

Hi friends!

Just a quick post about what's coming up this month on the blog.

What I'm Loving is moving to Fridays starting next week! It's going to include links to things I've been digging online as well.

Lazy Cleaning is now going to be on Mondays. Yes, as in EVERY MONDAY. O.o I know. But I need to get my butt in gear when it comes to keeping a clean house. For reals.

On a similar note, Lazy Cooking is going to be EVERY. FREAKIN. WEDNESDAY. Uh huh, you read that right. It kicked my butt in the past when I did it every week, but we got some good food out of it. Some posts will not be ground breaking, I can promise you that; but it will be entertaining if not delicious. I hope.

And of course, Goal Getter will still be every Sunday. Going strong and keeping me on task.

As for things like Once A Month Gamer and the gift guides I do, plus the free planners I've been making, those will still be going up, just on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.

So, that's it. Just wanted to let you know what's up and what to expect. Hope you like the new Lazy Lady.