They call me a rambler

I meant to have the next phase of my Marie Kondo method done by now and I was going to post it today, but life had different plans.

Nothing Earth shattering happened, or anything like that; I just simply got busy and forgot about it. Life happens, you know?

So, instead I thought I'd just do a general catching up, rambling kind of post. If that's not your jam, I understand. I'll have a post about getting geared up for International Tabletop Day going up on Wednesday and the new prompts for May's Instagram challenge – plus a recap of April's – going up on Saturday, so you can come back for those!

What's been going on...well, I got two new LV Book Design clients! In the same day, too! That's been exciting and I've really enjoyed working with both of them so far. It's actually made me think about adding another package to my current offerings.

I took Wonderlass's free live list building workshop this weekend and decided to invest in myself and my business by going through her Side Hustle to Success course. I've been hesitant to pay for courses or anything like that because 1) I don't have the money and 2) I'm very much a "do it yourself" kind of person; but I like how she breaks things down and she gave special deal to all who were taking the workshop so it has a lot of other content added in for free. So I decided to see what I could learn to help out my business.

Tuesday, I'm taking a vacation day from my day job to go to the Collision Conference here in New Orleans. I have a free ticket (for all three days, but I can't take off that much work and Tuesday has most of what actually interests me anyway) and I'm excited to go and learn from pros.

What else....hmmm. Oh, Mr. LL and I are planning our vacation we are taking in May for our 3 year wedding anniversary. It's looking like we'll be going to Houston to check out a Flatbush Zombie show and hit up some flea markets along the way. The concert is his thing, as the older I've gotten the less I want to deal with crowds, lol. So I get to pick something for us to do on the trip. I haven't decided what I want to do yet. If you know of any fun, cool things to do in Houston, I'm open to suggestions! The flea market stuff is something we both love doing. We call it treasure hunting.

Other than that, we've just been trying really hard to see our friends and family more. This past Saturday, our friends who live in Slidell stopped by for a visit and that was fun. Then we went and visited with Mr. LL's dad for a little while. We have plans to have my mom over in a couple of weeks. I haven't been able to see my friends (who are scattered across MS and AL), but I've been getting on Ventrilo when I'm working on freelance so I can chat with them. That's been nice.

So, that's it from me. Just been working on Lazy Lady, LV Book Design, doing the day job and living life. Hope you have a great week!