Goal Getter /// February 2016



  • Plan a weekend to go see Mr. LL’s family in February (0%)
  • Hang out with my brother and sister-in-law (0%)

NOTES: My brother and his wife had to change the weekend for the little get together they are having, so now it's up in the air as to if we'll be able to make it.


  • Valentine's Day: Dinner and Games (0%)
  • Get Mr. LL's Valentine's Day gift put together! (50%)
  • D&D with friends (0%)

NOTES: Got another D&D night planned! Woot!

HEALTH (13%)

  • Meal plan every week (25%)
  • Stick to said meal plan every week (13%)
  • Get Bigby a new harness (0%)

NOTES: Our dishes are out of control so it has made it difficult to cook a couple times this week. ¬.¬


  • Keep track of spending (25%)
  • Pay off one credit card (0%)
  • Stay on budget (0%)
  • Do taxes (0%)

NOTES: Did you hear about the IRS's computer problems? It may be a minute before I get to file my taxes, because I do them online.


  • Get back in control over our dishes (0%)
  • Stay on top of the dish situation (0%)
  • Clean out the books (0%)

NOTES: This weekend, those dishes are getting done, even if it kills me.


  • Get posts ready for the month (25%)
  • Write some posts for LV Book Design (50%)
  • Photo day (100%)
  • Work on more planner printables (0%)
  • Release new products for LV Book Design (15%)

NOTES: So, technically I haven't done my Photo Day yet, but it's happening after this post. I just hope I'm not jinxing myself.