Blogs to make you hungry


I love food blogs. I tried to do a food segment for a long time on Lazy Lady, but I'm just not good at the food blogging game. I never take good food pix because I'm shooting as I'm cooking and I only cook at night. My recipes are hit and miss and well, we eat a lot of frozen pizza because I can't be bothered.

However, when I do decide to cook, I look to food blogs for inspiration and recipes.

WARNING: These sites will make you hungry, even if you just ate.

Pioneer Woman

The Queen of food blogs, The Pioneer Woman. She even has her own cooking show now! I have always loved how honesty Ree Drummonds' recipes are and how do-able they feel to me as a reader. Now, I probably can't do a good number of them, but she has enough of a mix (and I know my own capabilities well enough) that no matter your skill level, you can find a recipe of her's to recreate at home. Her overall blog has more than just recipes. If you haven't read The Pioneer Woman blog, you need to go check it out right now.

Annie's Eats is one of my favorite food blogs. I think I started to read it because my best friend's name is Annie. However, the recipes and amazing food photography are what keep me coming back. She has a great section on her blog called "Menu Builder" (it's in the top navigation links) that has menus for special occasions all built up with photos and links to the corresponding recipes. Super helpful!

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.24.07 PM.png

Most of my food pins on Pinterest these days come from Cookies and Cups. That may say more about the kinds of foods I like to make than it does about the blog, now that I think about it. However, I follow a LOT of baking blogs and so to have one shine most on my Pinterest board (Cookies & Other Sweets) speaks volumes to the awesomeness and drool-worthiness of that blog. This blog is DANGEROUS. I could sit and stare at it all day. Sigh.

The Girl Who Ate Everything is also a key player on my Pinterest boards. The name of this blog was one I can TOTALLY relate with, even though I am, in fact, a picky eater. However, I love to eat and my picky eating days aren't really what they used to be. I like her savory recipes a lot, but she throws in sweet treats on the blog as well.

Lastly, I wanted to throw in a new food blog, well new to me anyway, The Weary Chef. I may not be a mom, but I work a full time job in addition to putting my heart into Lazy Lady and working on my side illustration projects; so The Weary Chef had me at "quick and easy recipes." I'm enjoying digging through Andi's archives and finding new recipes to make at home.