Goal Getter // March 2015 (p2)


CAREER: 50% Complete

  • Try different social media platforms for drawing "requests" (25%)
  • Draw four "for fun" illustrations (75%)

Notes: I've been drawing a lot lately, and just because I felt like it.


  • Make one extra savings deposit (100%)
  • File our taxes (100%)

Notes: Once again, I had to dip into savings this month. But our tax returns came in, and my half went straight into savings. So, I'm still giving myself credit this month.

HEALTH: 66.67%

  • Get more physical (100%)
  • Figure out how many cigarettes I'm smoking a day (0%)
  • Cut out one cigarette a day (100%)

Notes: Started taking Bigby for walks every day, most days twice a day. He doesn't go potty outside yet, so they are just for fun and to burn off some of his puppy energy. I haven't figured out my exact cigarette/day number, but I have a few times that I know I smoke, and I've been cutting out one of those a day.

HOME: 86%

  • Keep the apartment looking "tidy" (100%)
  • Purge the closet and bedroom (100%)
  • Deep clean the bathroom (~44%)
    Mop the floor (0%)
    Clean the mirrors (0%)
    Replace the light bulbs (100%)
    Scrub the sink, tub and toilet (75%)
  • Shred my shred pile (100%)

Notes: This weekend, I'm planning to finish off the bathroom. All that's left is to give the tub a good scrub, mop the floors and clean the mirror. Not bad.

BLOG: 100%

  • Work on blog posts for March (100%)
    For Lazy Lady (100%)
    For Part Time Monster (100%)
  • Photo day (NA)
  • Work on April planning (100%)
    Lazy Lady (100%)
    Part Time Monster (100%)

Notes: I dropped the photo day.

A quick note. I'm no longer going to be posting these Goal Getter blog posts. I may still have some incarnation of this on the blog, still figuring it out. But the timing for it just doesn't work for me anymore. If you'd be interested in seeing my goals, let me know in the comments and I'll really try to find a way to make this something else on the blog (on the sidebar? I don't know yet).