Working out, with a plan /// PLUS: FREE download!


Around this time, every year, people all over are making the promise to live healthier. I'm no different really, but I did start before 2015 ended. 


I created a Fitness Planner to help me keep track of my goals, meals and workouts each week. I'm also a big believer in the reward system, so I made a spot for each week, if I complete all three goals, I have a reward to work towards. My favorite part is the daily water tracker...even though I'm not very good at completing it every day.

I want to offer this planner to all of you, my lovely readers, so you can get your butts in gear just like I am trying to do. You know what they say, misery loves company...j/k...sort of.

Anyway, if you would like this free download, just sign up for the Lazy Lady newsletter! I'll be giving more freebies like this in the future and you'll be the first to know!